It has been nearly 4 years since my last blog post! In 2019 I had left a job I loved teaching software development in Colorado and moved back to California. After living in New York City from 2007-2012 and then Boulder until 2019, I felt like I was holding my breath in between surf trips, and formed an intention to plant roots on the California coast.

The transition was much more difficult than anticipated, enduring personal and professional challenges, along with the pandemic. I am so grateful to have built community here in Santa Barbara through that journey. My (remote) work at at Koinonia Family Services played a huge part, channeling passion for technology into a sustainable role.

I had been “doing yoga” on and off for over 20 years at various gyms, but becoming more involved at Yoga Soup during this period gave me a new perspective on what a yoga studio could be. The people and offerings like breathwork and ecstatic dance changed my life completely. After volunteering as a Shine Ambassador for years, I finally completed a 200 hour teacher training. If you look back at my last post from 2019, you can see where my interest in yoga really began to take shape, and now in 2023 it has come full circle in its first complete revolution.