I create and maintain software that helps social workers at Koinonia Family Services. The tools I currently use are Python, Django, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). I am passionate about surfing, organizing the Central Coast Python Meetup, volunteering as a Shine Ambassador at Yoga Soup, reading (follow me on Goodreads), and practicing mindfulness.


"Sean was one of our awesome instructors during my Web Development Immersive Course. During our time there, Sean provided some key insight into the theory and taught courses of the program with tons of passion, bringing in plenty of personal experience regarding development best practices from his previous jobs. Always keeping an open mind for different scenarios regarding student questions, Sean is always there to lend a hand, challenge thought patterns when appropriate and help us to get to the next level. I look forward to other opportunities to work with Sean in the future, particularly in the developer space."
- Scott Rushford
Student at Galvanize

"Sean is an awesome person to work with. He's always got an upbeat attitude and has a keen sense for finding bugs in the code or being able to quickly knock out more functionality."
- Jim Turpin
Director of Engineering at Simple Energy

"Sean's creative, out-of-the-box thinking is something I consistently value. I can trust that, no matter what the development project, Sean can provide the support to get me where I need to be!"
- Kevin Lombardo
Manager of Infrastructure & Operations Services, NREL

"Sean brought a unique perspective to the development team and was never afraid to challenge the status quo. He was very approachable and always willing to go out of his way to lend a hand."
- Cory Madden
Analyst at Genscape