After thinking long and hard about all of the possible technologies that I could use to rebuild my personal website, I surprised even myself by going with WordPress. I had considered just about everything. While responsive design is extremely interesting, and Getting Started with Rails shows you exactly how to build a blog from the ground up, I chose to go with WordPress for several reasons:

Time – I would rather spend it working on things other than my personal website.

Responsive Themes – Better looking than any website I would be able to build right now.

Maintenance – Things change. I don’t want to have to upgrade software every couple of months.

At some level, we have to learn to be comfortable with abstraction. While it may be true that all non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky, I have made the decision to take the easy route. I am going to continue to explore responsive design and a variety of web frameworks, because there will be other applications where WordPress is not as good of a fit. There are also many other content management systems that are available, such as Squarespace or Tumblr, that I will have to keep an eye on heading forward. For now though, this will do.