It was impossible for me to take pictures when I first arrived in Praha (Prague). Everything was so magnificent and cohesive, that capturing any little part of it wasn’t going to do the city justice. This is a incredibly beautiful place. However, it is the people here that make it special.

Working at Impact Hub Praha gave me a glimpse into the heart of Czech culture. Tomas Surovcik and Jan Říha took me out to lunch, gave me advice on things to do, and helped me find a cheap bus to Munich at the end of my stay. Hosts Danka Nováková and Peter Šedivý were extremely friendly and helpful. I was also able to re-connect with Impact Hub Praha member Felix Palmer who I had met at Nordic.js in Stockholm the prior week.

I was blown away by the sheer size of the co-working area. It’s very large relative to other Impact Hubs I have been to, and I was told that this is the second largest in the world! The space was literally humming with energy.

Tips from Sean

  • Everyone speaks English, but why not learn some Czech? Smile and say “děkuji” instead of thank you. Locals will appreciate the effort! Hello is “ahoj” (pronounced “ahoy” like a sailor).
  • is a nice way to prevent google from redirecting your searches according to your geolocation. It will give you the same one from home in the language that you are used to.

Tips from Thomas

Tips from Danka

What can we learn from Impact Hub Praha?

The three Impact Hubs in the Czech Republic provide members with seamless access across each of the co-working spaces. I’d love to see something like that in the states. They also have a 3D printer and a full bar / kitchen area where people pay for what they use (see the picture of money in the gallery above).

Thank you for the hospitality, Impact Hub Praha! I’ll never forget the experience.