I love being a member of Impact HUB Boulder! The community here has helped me grow both personally and professionally. While my experience locally has been amazing, I know that there is more out there, and have put together a letter in anticipation of a stay in Europe this fall. A few members of the leadership team will be passing this along to other Impact HUB directors at gatherings over the coming months:


My name is Sean Helvey and I am a member of Impact HUB Boulder. I’d like to spend some time abroad this fall, and while working at another Impact HUB sounds fantastic to me, we might be able to craft the journey in a way that would benefit every one of our members. Let’s take this as an opportunity to promote the Impact HUB Passport and increase the interconnectedness of our network.

I’ll happily serve as an ambassador for Boulder, bringing back pictures and stories of people that I meet along the way. This could lead to a more robust infrastructure for would-be travelers looking to rent a room and work at another Impact HUB. We ought to have a series of blog posts dedicated to Impact HUB Global and members who transcend borders in search of a different perspective. We can collaborate and encourage this cross-pollination.

I’ll only be able to visit one continent this fall (probably Europe). However, I am hopeful that this will lead to other visits in the future, possibly including South America and Asia during 2016. I speak a little bit of Spanish, and am very interested in Central and Northern Europe. The biggest challenge is finding a group of people who have the capacity and are receptive to having a guest. I work remotely as a Software Developer for one main client in Denver at the moment and spend my free time teaching kids programming as a Champion of CoderDojo Boulder.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I haven’t purchased a flight or rented an apartment yet, so please reach out if you have any input. Let’s work together to foster the global community that is ImpactHUB by supporting members who travel and work abroad.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Sean Helvey

I’ll follow up with another post once the details of the trip emerge, so please stay tuned!