We have had some amazing conversations over the last couple of months at BLDRPPL. Our third full episode will be finished sometime this week. While each person featured so far has been very unique and interesting, I hope that we can branch out further over the next year and have slightly more frequent posts. Also, if anyone is aware of a sponsor who would be willing to donate space for less than an hour every couple of weeks for a quiet interview, please let us know!

Branching Out

The tech scene in Boulder is amazing, but it is only one small component of the community here. Do you want to be a contributor by having conversations with people that you look up to? Maybe they are musicians, artists, or local business owners. I will continue doing my best to meet with different people within the community, but please feel free to reach out if you want to participate.

More Frequent Posts

I can’t guarantee that we will have a new episode every week, but I am going to hold myself to the goal of bi-monthly interviews with awesome people. If you haven’t subscribed to the Podcast yet, check it out here.


This is not a business trying to make money with advertising, but we would rep a sponsor if they are willing to let us do interviews there! This would be less than an hour every couple of weeks in a space where there isn’t too much background noise. For now, it is just audio, but it the future it could potentially include video. Think about it 🙂