Over the last couple of years I’ve been blessed with amazing surfing experiences. I’ve ridden waves from Spain to Hawaii, Mexico, and home in California. As I have gotten older though, many of my friends have stopped surfing for various reasons (work, family, injuries, etc.). Living in Colorado has changed the dynamic quite a bit too. I need to make more of an effort to organize surf travel with friends.

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Are you a landlocked surfer?

This is a call to all landlocked surfers and those in need of adventure. We might be friends, friends of friends, or future friends. We might not even really like each other. Let’s come together and organize a few surf trips! I’m happy to meet random people along the way, but I know there are plenty of people in my extended network that are jonesin for surf travel.

EC2 Instances
If you're edged 'cause I'm weazin all your grindage, just chill.

Please share this and help me spread the word. If you know a lonely surfer like me who wants to spend a week somewhere shredding the gnar, I’d love an introduction.